Saturday, July 13, 2013

Birthday Girls

On July 11, Emma Kate turned one.  On July 20, Haley will turn 4.  On July 16, Matt and Nicole leave for the States.  The girls will have a birthday party in Baton Rouge next Saturday.  Haley wanted to have one here, too.  I was glad for that.  Today was party day.

We had a girl party.  All the Casa girls, Richard's girls and a few neighbors came.  Haley even invited the pulperia owner and she came.

Nicole had the girls dressed in matching dresses.  They were so cute.

Everyone got their nails painted.
A game of pin the bow on Minnie Mouse.

 Someone missed the board.

No party in Honduras would be complete without a piñata.  Matt bought a huge piñata of Dora. I began to hand out ziplocks for the girls to put their candy in.  Rosy told me no.  She did not need a bag.  She brought her own.
Much bigger than everyone else's ziplocks.   That girl came prepared to get a lot of candy.

Emmy went first.
Then Haley.

Everyone got then swings.  Some tried to beat poor Dora to death and no one could make the candy fall.
After everyone had tried, unsuccessfully, Nicole hit Dora until she broke it open and the candy fell.
And, then there was girls all over the floor.

Haley and her bag of candy.

We had a few uninvited guests,

but Poppy ran them off with his broom

The birthday girls and their cake.

It is a Honduran tradition to have a little frosting put on your nose.
Haley got the first piece of cake.

Birthday girls enjoying their cake.

Haley made sure Baby Sister got her cake.

Soon Emmy began to feed herself.  She loved it.
Another great day in Honduras.

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