Sunday, July 21, 2013

It Has Been Another GREAT Day In Honduras

But, not because it is my birthday.  Though, many of you made it special for me.

I changed hats many times today.  Changing hats that many times is sometimes exhausting.  The Starkville group is here.  And Borger.  The Toillions and Maria and Billie are here, too.  One group was leaving and the Jinkersons were arriving. 

The ones that were already here went to church in Santa Ana.  After church, the plan was to take the Casa kids to town to eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken and then to play soccer.  As soon as church was over, my mind was racing with details.  I knew that a baptism was about to take place.  As I was thinking about getting all the kids on the bus and..., and..., and...., and..., I wasn´t thinking about the baptism or even who was being baptized.  I only walked toward the front of the church to ask someone a question.

It was at that moment I realized the person about to be baptized was Belinda, Karol and Kelin's mother.  Many of you know Karol and Kelin.  They work for Honduras Hope.  And, I believe they are the kindest, sweetest, most beautiful Christians I have ever met.  I can´t remember if it was Dorian or Noel that studied with them and baptized.  They have been part of the Santa Ana church for a long time.  Like many, their story is hard one.  And, so is the story of Belinda.  There is a lot of brokenness and hurt and heartache.  But, today all of that was wiped clean.  Erased.  Forgotten.

It was a beautiful baptism.  Karol and Kelin were crying tears of happiness.  So was I.  I am sure others were too.  I am sure the angels in heaven were rejoicing as well. 

And, that is why it was another great day in Honduras.


Christopher Wiles said...

Thanks for sharing Terri! We're excited for Kelin, Karol, and Belinda!

Anonymous said...

Lavern u r in our prayers. We r praying that God finds u a bit of peace until u see daryl again in heaven. Terri it is still crazy here. Hoping next year will find katie and i in honduras at this time of year. I am praying for each of u. Love mary