Friday, July 19, 2013

Morning Visitors

We have kids in kindergarten through eight grade.  Someone is always needing money for school.  They are suppose to tell me the night before.  I get it ready and take it to them when I do the 6:00 medicine.  Often, someone forgets to tell me and comes running down here after devotional or after breakfast or sometimes as they are loading into the van.

Marc and I were sitting here talking, a rare event in the summer, and we could hear footsteps coming this way.  Marc said here comes one of the kids.  As they neared, I said a whole herd of kids.  I thought it was two or three.  It was a whole herd.  It was everyone.  And Karen. And Dilcia. And Dorian and Korbin.  Of course, I thought they were coming to sing happy birthday to Marc.  They were.  But, they were also coming to sing happy birthday to me since mine is Sunday.  Their sweet little voices sang to us in both spanish and english.  Then they gave us some cupcakes from Cinnabon. Thank you, Karen.

I was hugging each child, when I heard the first egg break.  Marc got it twice.  Egging on one's birthday is a Honduran tradition.

Guess what I had for breakfast?

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