Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Reina's Graduation

In March 2009, I took Reina to her first Teleton appointment.  Since that time, she has been in education classes and self-esteem classes, among other things.  She has progressed more than any of us thought she could.  Friday, Reina made her last trip to Teleton.  Friday was graduation for 53 students who had finished the program.  Most of those were too old to continue in Teleton, including Reina. 

Teleton has always emphasized making the child feel good, no matter what their abilities are.  There was a huge graduation ceremony, much like sixth grade graduation.  Only not as long.  Reina was all smiles as we left.  She was all smiles all day.

Reina has always liked going to Teleton and is a bit sad she won´t be going any more.  We are not sure what is next.  Nicole and Deborah have visited a couple of programs and there are a couple more still to visit.  In this country, it is hard to enter kids into schools and programs mid-year.  Since the third partial just began, we probably can´t do anything until February.  Until then, Reina is going to spend some one-on-one time with Deborah learning to cook.

Congratulations, Reina.

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