Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I am teaching three of the kids to work in the store.  Ana is one of them.  Ana helped some in the store last summer.  She can wrap well.  And stock shelves.  And haul things to and from the car.  She has had a terrible time making change.

The rules for the kids to work in the store are:
1) they have to have passing grades
2) they have to have their homework done
3) they have to be polite to the customers
4) the cannot steal

I would never worry about Ana stealing.  She is always polite to the customers.  She barely has passing grades.  She wants to work so badly that she lies about having her homework done.  Two different times I have had to take her home when Karen discovered her homework was not done, or maybe even started.  The first time this happened, she cried and was so sorry.  I was shocked when it happened again.  The second time I told her she could not work for a whole week. 

Last week, after her week of punishment was over, she was not good help.  If we got busy, she would disappear.  I would be busy and Ana would be gone.  Nicole would go find her and I could her Nicole say Ana you are suppose to be working, not playing.   I was getting frustrated with her and was ready to tell her she could not work any more. 

Last night was Ana's turn to work.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, we arrived at the mission house much later than normal.  We had to unload the car and move things and stock things.  The group was already back and needing ice cream.   I do not like to keep customers waiting.  Ana did what she does best.  She helped unload the car and move things.  This was good.  It was what I needed.

As the night went on, we were very busy.  Ana stayed.  She did not bolt on me.  She wrapped lenca and other breakables.  She did much better at making change.  It was 10:00 before we were ready to close the store, which is quite late.  Ana was rubbing her eyes and was tired.  But she did not complain. 

We had to stock the coke machine and move some things back inside the store.  She did one thing and I did the other. 

I was so proud of the way she worked last night.  And, I told her so.  She agreed with me and told me she knew that she had worked harder and better last night.

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