Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Pavilion

Eight years ago there was a blockmaker here.  It made all the blocks for the church building and for the first building at Casa de Esperanza.  When there was no longer a blockmaker, there was still concrete pads out there.

Then there is rainy season.  Sometimes, it rains for days on end.  Have you ever tried entertaining 23 kids when they cannot go outside for days on end?  It is not so fun.

It has long been our wish to have a covered area in which the children could play when it rains.  Thanks to the Borger Church of Christ for the financial donation to make that happen.  Three ladies from that congregation, among others, worked all week to make that happen by building a cover, a pavilion, over the concrete pads.

Lanetta had to stop for pictures.
The kids were really proud of this project and several worked hard.

Break time or Cal-Trans?

Someone worked hard enough to get her face dirty.

A work in progress

Many of the children put their physical efforts in this project, but 22 of the 23  got to put their hand prints in the concrete.

Twenty of the twenty two kids really enjoyed putting their hands in the concrete.

Two did not.

The finished pavilion

After so much work had been done of this project, it only seemed fitting to initiate the pavilion with a party.


Of course, Vickie  had balloons
Happy children

Hot dogs

These two may not have liked putting their hands in concrete, but they liked the hot dogs.

Coke floats, a first time treat.  And, who could not like coke floats?

There were games with water balloons and no party in Honduras would be complete without a pinata.

The new pavilion was initiated well.

A great big thank you to the Borger Church of Christ.

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