Monday, August 5, 2013


I am very pleased with the work that Brayan, Ana, and Jackson are doing in the store.  I have sort of been thinking about adding some help and thinking who that might be.  But the last group of the summer is here and I was not planning on training anyone else might now. 

I was thinking Sisi might be good.  And, Daniela was thinking that Daniela might be good.  She begin to pester Karen about asking me if she could work in the store.  I thought this over.

I want all the kids that work in the store to know there is more to working in the store than going to sell for a couple of hours and letting the gringos buy them ice cream.  There is pricing and buying and hauling stuff back and forth every night.

Thursday and Friday I received a lot of new merchandise.  I decided to see how the girls would work.  I talked to both Sisi and Daniela on Friday afternoon.  I told them if they would work Saturday morning on pricing the new merchandise, they could go work in the store one evening this week. 

Daniela broke into a great big smile that hasn't gone away.

Daniela got her chores done and was ready to go.  Both of them started on the pricing, but Sisi had to work on homework.  Daniela worked and worked.  I told her to please save some of it for Sisi.  Sisi finally finished her homework and came in to price.

Tonight was Daniela's night to go to the store.  She was smiling all day.  Brayan worked tonight, too.  Daniela went in and did everything she was asked to do.  We were busy and it was hard to give her a lot of training, but Brayan helped her with many things.  She was willing to sweep the floor, stock the coke machine, whatever. 

She was still smiling when we left and said she liked working in the store.  Tomorrow night Sisi gets to go.  I think it will be just as successful.  I am glad the kids are wanting to do this.

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