Saturday, August 31, 2013

Morning Sounds

This morning around 7:30 I decided to go for a walk.  I do this frequently at home.  I could not help but notice the morning sounds, or lack thereof.

In Honduras, for most people Saturday is a work day.  In Jackson, Mississippi, in a secluded sub-division, most of the world has Saturday off. 

In Honduras, the buses roar to life about 4:30 every morning.  They can be heard as they go up and down the streets, chug-chugging along and honking their horns.  I also hear chickens and donkeys.  People start their day early.  I hear my neighbors at their pilas and their outdoor stoves as they wash their clothes and make their tortillas.  As people walk to have their corn ground for the day, there is just a lot of conversation.  By 7:30 on Saturday, most people are up and there is a lot of morning sounds.

This morning there was a lot of peace and quiet for a walk.  I essentially heard nothing.  People were in their homes with the doors tightly closed and their air conditioners running (and trust me, everyone needed their air conditioners running).  There were no sounds drifting from any house as there is in Honduras.  No air conditioners and open doors and windows makes for a lot of noise coming out of each and every house.  Cooking and washing too, were being done inside.  Except for a few other walkers, no one was outside.  No one visiting with neighbors.  Before I returned to Nathan's, one lawn mower started.  I am sure there was many more of those throughout the day.  But during the morning, I could not help but notice the extreme difference in the morning sounds.

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