Monday, September 2, 2013

Mississippi Memories

I love what I do.  The absolute hardest thing about living in Honduras is not getting to see Camille more often than I do.  And, the absolute hardest thing I do when I am in the States is having to tell that sweet girl good-bye.  I have spent the last four days trying to make enough memories and give enough hugs to last until January.

I hate that I did not get to see Camille at swim practice, but I took her swimming once.

We played Wii bowling and yahtzee.  We worked puzzles.  Camille and I like to work puzzles.
Julia, Camille, and I went shopping.  Camille should be the best dressed girl in school this week.

We ate pizza and chinese and Julia's good cooking.  Camille and I made guacamole.  Not just once, but twice.  And two trips to Sonic.

This afternoon we bowled.

It has been a wonderful four days and I will be eager for January to arrive.

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Patsy Conquest said...

Terri, Camille has gotten so tall!! How old is she now? Our grands grow up so very fast. We have been in Cullman, Alabama, since Friday. We got to spend some time with our youngest, Will. He is four. Oh such a bundle of energy. He never walks..always at full speed. Where in Mississippi do Nathan and his family live? Hope you have a safe trip back to Honduras.