Thursday, September 12, 2013


This trip to the States, we are visiting more churches in which we have never been.  Sunday morning we were in Lakehoma in Mustang, Oklahoma.  We have several friends there.  Sunday night we were in a beautiful old church in downtown Altus.  Our good friends, the Stegalls, drove over from Hollis to see us. 

We were back in Borger for a couple of days.  There is just never enough time when you are with friends and family. 

We were in Childress last night and this morning.  Tonight, we are in a hotel in Van Buren, Arkansas as we make our way to East Tennessee. 

I am frantically getting as much work as possible done.  Next week, we are on vacation in the Smoky Mountains.  I intend to enjoy every minute of that vacation.  No work for this girl.  Two books already in my backpack. And, there may be more before Monday.  I am checking out the hiking trails. 

In Honduras, a new and better retaining wall behind Matt and Nicole's house is being built  There was no structural damage done to the house and the damage inside was minimal.  All of Haley's shoes except her school shoes were ruined and a few toys.  If you ask Haley, the damage was not minimal.  That girl loves her shoes.  So, in her eyes, the damage was pretty severe.

Many people in Honduras need to be prayed for daily.  We would appreciate prayers for safe travels as well.


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