Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What s Productivity?

Since I have a meeting with the accountant tomorrow afternoon and some reports are due to her, when I arrive, this morning I considered productivity would be having the reports finished.   It is 8:40 p.m. and most, but not all, of the reports are done.  Yet, I have had a productive day.

Richard and Yesinia dropped by this morning.  We had a cup of coffee.  Visiting with friends is productive.  At 11:30 Melissa and baby April showed up.  Spending time with Melissa is always a good thing.  The problem was, the kids got out of school at noon and I had to leave at 11:50 to get them.  It was a good 20 minutes.

Nicole had a meeting at Teleton and could not take Haley.  She asked if Haley could stay with me.  I planned on enjoying Haley this afternoon.  I did enjoy Haley, but I did not spend one on one time with her as planned.  I helped some of the Casa kids with homework.  That was productive.  The reason I am here is these kids.  If I am too busy to help them and spend time with them, I probably don't need to be here.  I keep reminding myself relationships are more important than receipts.

We even went to the coffee shop this afternoon with our friends that are visiting from Illinois.

It was a very productive day.  Building relationships.  Loving on Haley.  Enjoying friends.

I will have those reports ready by tomorrow afternoon.   Sleep is highly overrated.


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