Monday, February 4, 2013

School Supplies

It seems like school just got out and it is already starting again.  It is starting two weeks earlier this year than normal. 

Every year, hundreds of kids cannot go to school because their families cannot afford school supplies.  Honduras Hope has always tried to help with school supplies.  It is a very time consuming, but rewarding and fun project.  This year Nicole took on that project.  I did not mind that she did that.  And, just as I thought, she had a lot of fun.

Friday morning Nicole's first stop was the bank to get cash.  She had a welcome to Honduras start as she waited over an hour just to cash a check.  With cash in hand (really it was in her purse), she headed of to Utiles de Honduras.  She and Matt met Richard and Yessinia and the shopping began.  Supplies and backpacks were purchased and the employees at Utlies loaded the backpacks.  That was nice.  No one had to sort and pack this year.  But, that also meant another trip to town to get the loaded backpacks on Saturday.

Several backpacks were given out in Ojojona Sunday morning after church.

Several more were distributed Sunday afternoon in El Guacatal, a mountain community above Ojojona. 

School supplies will also be distributed at AFE, the school by the dump and other places.  Nicole will be making at least one more trip to town to purchase more school supplies because she still has money.

Happy learning, kids.

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