Thursday, February 28, 2013

Prayers For The Day

Karen and Dorian are in the States with Karen's family enjoying a much needed break.  I am very capable of doing Karen's job, just not the same way she does it. 

This morning was not a bad morning, but before we left for school, the kids got to shoving and pushing and ya-ya-ing at each other.  Nothing serious like the other when one tried to chop down the banana tree with the axe,  but just that constant little nagging at each other.  We got in the van and Katy and Maryuri were arguing over  a seat in the van.  The others were talking and getting louder.  It would have been easy for me to increase my volume to louder than theirs and them to be sit down and be quiet. 

Instead, I took two deep breaths and asked for silence.  It took a couple of minutes, but they quieted.  I asked Sisi to pray for the day, for every single one of us.  I told her to pray for everyone to behave at school and to be kind to each other.  Marc came out, got in the truck and left and we are just sitting in the van.  I had not even started the engine.

The kids bowed their heads and Sisi began to pray.  She did pray for every one of us.  By name.  She did ask for help for all of us to behave and to be kind.  That prayer had a calming effect on them.  And on me.

It was a pleasant ride to school.  And, even a pleasant ride home five hours later.  Lunch went smoother than usual.

I am so thankful for the power of prayer.  And, that I had the presence of mind to stop and pray.


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