Wednesday, February 6, 2013


School for the Casa kids started Friday, February 1.  This was two weeks earlier than normal.  And true to form, the fifth graders did not have class on Monday.

Getting ready for school to start is a major event around here.  Uniforms and shoes have to be tried on, and when possible, altered.  When nothing will work, there is a trip to town to buy bits and pieces of uniforms.  It was discovered many of our uniforms were pretty threadbare this year.  We usually buy tons of basic supplies and then when their workbook lists come out, we buy those.  All black shoes that aren't new are polished.

Everyone is excited.  For the first day or two.  That excitement fades quickly.   School mornings around begins very early.  Around 5:40.  Devo, breakfast, and chores before school. 

This year the kids are in:
8th grade - Brayan and Pamela
7th grade - Antonio
6th grade - Jackson
5th grade - Jose, Fernando, Cindy, Ana, Daniela, and Rosy
4th grade - Reina, Katy, and Sisi
3rd grade - Nohemy
2nd grade - Maryuri
1st grade - Guadalupe, Cris, and Doris
Kinder - Josue and Any

That leaves Yair and the twins at home.

Please pray for the kids as they begin a new school year.  We are praying this is the best school year ever.


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