Sunday, February 24, 2013

The New Mission House

Progress is coming right along on the new mission house in Ojojona.  The first three rooms are complete.
The next three will be started soon.

What does a new mission house mean?  It means mirrors in the bathrooms.  It means no more three high bunks.  It means three people can use the bathroom at one time.  It means a bigger store which will carry ice cream.  LIKE!  But, it also means a way to sustain the new campus of Casa de Esperanza and it means giving job skills to all the children on both campuses of Casa de Esperanza.  And, it means dreams being realized.

Aren't the rooms nicely done?

And, as a bonus, everyone that stays in this mission house will receive a bonus with this view as the sun sets behind the mountains each day.

It is going to be another great summer in Honduras.


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