Wednesday, February 27, 2013

11:00 Dismissal

After all the kids got out of the van this morning, Jackson came back and said we get out of school at 11:00 today.  Jackson is not prone to lie about when school ends, but, just to be sure, I asked a teacher and she said yes. 

At 10:45, I left to get the kids.   I arrived a few minutes before 11:00.  Another van was there and the motor taxis were beginning to arrive.  At five minutes after there has been no bell and at 10:00 after, still no bell.  More parents are arriving and more motor taxis have arrived. 

Normally, if I arrived at school and 11:00 and the kids were not out, I would think I misunderstood.  But, there were too many other parents and motortaxis for that to be the case.  I waited.

At 11:15, a bell rung.  I am not too happy that I was told 11:00 and it appears that school was not ending until 11:15.  Or, so I thought it was ending at 11:15.

Children poured out of the classrooms, talking and laughing as they entered the school yard.  No one started toward the gate, though.  The children ran and played and screamed for 15 minutes.  Another bell rang.  Recess was over and everyone went back inside their classrooms.  Then, immediately came back out carrying backpacks.  School was over for the day. 

I could not believe that they were allowed to have recess, with parents waiting, and then dismissed school when recess was over.  Welcome to Honduras.

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