Monday, February 11, 2013


Teleton is a school in Tegucigalpa.  It is a school for special needs, all special needs.  Learning disabilities, speech therapy, physical therapy, etc.  Teleton gets its name because there is one major fundraiser each year to support this school.  The fundraiser is a telethon.  Creative name, huh?

I have discovered a lot of the doctors, teachers and therapists volunteer their time in much the same as the doctors do at Hospital Escuela.  The doctors, teachers and therapists have full time jobs other places.  Because the kids that go there do have special needs, there is a high focus on self-esteem.  There are parties and graduations for what might be viewed as small accomplishments.  But, I have pictures of Sisi and Reina beaming at a graduation of an accomplishment. 

I used to do all the Teleton appointments.  We had four kids in Teleton and most of them had once a month appointments, with an occasional more frequent appointment.  Those days were exhausting.  Now Nicole does those appointments.  All of them.  Now we have six kids in Teleton and once Any starts kinder next week, it is quite possible her teacher will request that she be placed in Teleton.  The six kids that are in Teleton this year all have once a week appointments.  Nicole goes to Teleton every Monday, every Tuesday, every Wednesday, and every Thursday.  This morning she rolled in the gate with a sleeping Emma at 5:30.  She placed two kids in the car and she was out of here as quickly as she had come.  She then helps these kids with their homework.  I know her days are long and she is tired.  The rewards are great.  We are seeing great results with some of the kids. 

Baby Josue is in physical therapy.  I watched him walk around the inside of the baby bed.  He was holding on, but he was walking on his own.  I wasn't sure we would ever see the day.

Guadalupe can now do her regular school homework in about 30 minutes instead of hours.  Talk about a self-esteem builder.

Please pray for the kids in Teleton that they continue to make needed improvements and pray for Nicole as she makes this four-times-a-week trip to town.


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