Saturday, September 15, 2012

St. Louis

Last night we arrived in Belleville.  I was glad to be here.  All day Thursday and most of Friday we drove in the rain.  Today was a perfect day, about 70 degrees.  We spent the day in St. Louis.  A lot of things we just saw from the car.  But the St. Louis zoo is one of the best free zoos anywhere.  Since parking is $15.00, we parked a long way from the zoo and walked, as did many others. 

Forest Park is a beautiful park.  Not only were there many people in the zoo, but we saw families hiking, biking, having picnics and many other activities. 

We have always enjoyed the St. Louis zoo, and today was no exception.  We didn't even buy a drink there.  We waited to get our $1.00 cokes at McDonald's.

Yay for a wonderful, relaxing day.

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