Saturday, September 8, 2012

Memory Lane

When we visit in the Texas panhandle, we have to make at least one trip to Amarillo.  Today, was that day.  We lived in Amarillo for three years.  That was a long, long time ago.  We purchased our first house in Amarillo and our first child was born there.

We drove through downtown Amarillo, a nonevent.  We then drove out to the South Georgia area to see our first house.  When we purchased that house in 1978, it was an old house, in an old subdivision.  We cleaned and painted on that little house.  Then a year and a half later, we made a nursery.  Good, good memories.

Since the house was old 34 years ago, we both expected the whole neighborhood to be pretty run down.  We were pleasantly surprised.  Our house and the whole neighborhood looked good.  I noticed some of our favorite restaurants were no longer there.  New stores.  New malls.  Amarillo has changed just like everything and everyone else.

From time to time,  I love taking these strolls down memory lane.  But for the present, I am glad I am where I am, doing what I am doing.


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