Monday, September 10, 2012

Small Texas Towns

The Texas panhandle is full of small towns.  Most of them are farming towns.  And some of them are very small.  My dad knew every back road to every one of these small towns.  As a child, I traveled these roads more than once.

As we have gone to family reunions, and other places like Amarillo and Childress, I cannot help but notice that many of these towns are dying.  Empty houses.  Abandoned, boarded-up buildings.  I do not know how small town people are solving the world's problems with most Dairy Queens no longer open. 

I have also noticed that everyone, no matter the age, in these towns support their high schools and Friday night football.  If we should pass through on Friday evening when there is an away game, the whole town might be empty.

There is a certain charm about these little towns and I hate to see their demise.


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