Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Places We Have Been And People We Have Seen

Our time in the States is rapidly coming to an end.  We have been over 5000 miles that took us through 11 states.  We have been in homes, churches, student centers,  restaurants, one church reunion, one family reunion, a rotary club, and 1 missions class.  We have spent precious time with family and seen friends, many of whom we have not seen in a long time.  We have prayed and laughed and cried.  We have shared our work and many have shown us their good works.  Some have shared their concerns and problems.  We have stopped at McDonald's for dollar cokes and free internet.

We have traveled on and off the interstate.  We have seen mile after beautiful mile of the USA. And seen Texas sunsets.  We unloaded and loaded suitcases somewhere around 15 times.  We have had fun.

There is never enough time to see everyone and go everywhere.  Some people I really wanted to see and time ran out.  Some of you, I will see soon.  Some, it will be a bit longer.  Thank you to everyone for loving on us and hosting us. 


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