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August 2012 Newsletter

Casa de Esperanza
Making a difference, one child at a time
P.O. Box 9222
Columbus, MS 39705

Amigos de Casa,

Rain continues to fall as we enter the heavy part of the rainy season. I get so
tired of rain, but we don't complain. It keeps us from running out of water. And,
so many parts of the United States need rain so deperately. The time is coming
soon when it will be hot and dry.
Emma Kate Fitzgerald was born to Matt and Nicole on July 11. This was about a
month early. Emma Kate's lungs and heart were not fully developed and she
was in ICU for a while after birth. She has had pneumonia and a respiratory
infection and has been back in the hospital, in ICU, again. Right now, she is
home and is doing very well. We pray for Emma Kate's continued good health.
When any one of us is out, for any reason, the rest of us miss that person. And,
we do miss Nicole. The Fitzgeralds are leaving for the States for a couple of months so that Baby Emma can fully recuperate.

Baby Josue was also in the hospital for about a week. He also had some
respiratory problems. He is so fragile. It required one employee to be at the
hospital at all times. Josue, too, is home from the hospital and is continuing to
improve. These babies that were born prematurely sometimes have problems
for a long time. Please pray for all the babies at Casa because all of them were
born prematurely.
Josue has also started physical therapy. This has been delayed because of his

Antonio was released from the doctor and put away the crutches. He is walking
well on that leg and soon no one will even know anything was ever wrong.
Antonio is now working at the coffee shop some.
Right now, except for Josue (four-year-old-Josue) having a sty on his eye, we
think everyone is well. Praise God for this.
We have had a lot of runaways recently. Fernando and Jackson left early one
Sunday morning. They hid as we left to look for them. They made their way to
Loarque, a good 15 miles away. Fernando cried because his feet hurt so badly.
They had to sleep with a piece of cardboard and a blanket and woke up hungry.
They were walking back to Santa Ana when someone found them. They were
glad to see a familiar face and even more glad for a ride home. This experience
was unpleasant enough that I don't think they will be repeating this adventure
anytime soon.
Adonis, too, has run away. He has left mulitple times. He has been brought back
every time but this last time. He left from the school and had a huge head start.
We looked and looked for him. And prayed and prayed for him. We reported to
IHNFA as required. We headed toward Sabana Grande and decided he was not
made for life on the streets. He turned himself in to a policeman and was taken
to IHNFA. We are glad he is safe. Because of his multiple attempts at leaving,
he will not be returned to Casa, but instead he is being placed in a boy's home.
We pray that they have the resources to help this very troubled child. We did
not have those resources. Pray that this child gets the help he needs.


Groups continued to work at Casa the whole month of July and into August. All
the painting inside of the big house was completed. Everything looks and smells
so fresh. The roof was painted white. Daytime temperatures are much lower
inside the house, making lunch time and nap time much more bearable. Also,
the new chicken coop was finished. Thanks to all the groups that worked at
Casa this summer. Your work is very appreciated.

The group from Antioch, California made a huge donation to the preschool.
Books and toys were donated that will help some of our little ones that are so
far behind. Nicole and Christina, especially, are putting this donation to good

Teachers are striking frequently, causing the children to miss many days of
school. As elections approach, we predict that will only get worse.
Remember, every child at Casa is there because something in their families was
not working properly. As you pray, call the children by name: Pamela, Brayan,
Antonio, Jackson, Cindy, Rosy, Daniela, Ana, Fernando, Jose, Katy, Sisi, Reina,
Doris, Nohemy, Maryury, Guadalupe, Josue, Cris, Any, Yair, Olman and Josue.
And remember, Korbin, Haley and Emma, too. All of the staff would appreciate
prayers as well. We need wisdom and patience as we try to teach God's love in
all things.
Please feel free to share this newsletter is anyone you think might be interested.
If you have questions or concerns, please email me at


Terri Tindall

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