Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sonic Date

Marc and I have always enjoyed going to Sonic.  Once, in a particularly stressful time in our lives, we would often go to Sonic.  We would order a drink, sit in the car and visit, and try to forget about what was going on for a few minutes.  While in the States, we always do Sonic a couple of times.  Or more.

While we were in Jackson, and Camille was at swim practice, we went to Sonic for a coke.  We missed happy hour.  But as we were drinking our cokes, we noticed half price shakes after 8:00 p.m.  Marc promised we would do a half price shakes soon.

Today, it was 105.  Hot!  I always have deadlines and I have worked all day.  I was secretly thinking, "it would be a good time for the half price shake."  Marc must have read my mind.  About ten minutes til 8:00, we left for Sonic. 

Unexpectedly, it had cooled.  Clouds were forming and a pretty good breeze was blowing.  We actually got to Sonic two minutes before 8:00.  We waited.  It took that long to decide what I wanted.  At exactly 8:00, we ordered our shakes.  Marc had hot fudge.  I had caramel.  We sat in the car enjoying the coolness of the evening and watching the glorious sunset.  With the clouds, the sunset was purplish.

I will soon be working again, but that little trip to Sonic was a great break.  I hope we do it again.


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