Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Travel Days

We just completed 12 weeks of groups.  We have never had 12 straight weeks of groups.  It was amazing, all the way until the end.  But we were exhausted when it was over.  To be perfectly honest, I was exhausted before it began.  We left the day after the last group left.  We have never done that before either.  We usually allow ourselves two or three or more days.  I had worked several nights until 11:30 or later.  And most mornings, I get up at 4:00.  I kept saying I might not go to bed at all on Sunday night.  I did finally get to bed at 12:15 and got up at 4:00.

Haley was starting pre-school and her first day of school was Monday.  Matt and Nicole brought the girls to the house to say good-bye before Haley went to school.   I hugged Haley.  Nicole handed Emma to me and said hold her until we get back.  Emma was sick and was getting sicker in my arms as I held her.  Haley's school was just a few minutes away, but I called Nicole once to tell her sick I thought Emma was.  Nicole, being the mommy, knew that.  When Matt and Nicole got back, they immediately left for the emergency room.  Nicole was crying.  So was I.  I hugged Nicole and I cleaned up the big black tears off of my face. I continued to rush around doing last minute things.  Marc left after he hugged the girls.  He had so many errands to do.  All of a sudden it was 9:00 and I needed to be on my way.

I began to drag my luggage to the car and Dorina took me to the airport.  I talked to Nicole a couple of times and they were waiting on the doctor.. 

I was so tired.  I have never been so ready to leave for a few weeks.  And, at the same time,  it has never been harder to leave. 

Our plans were to fly to Oklahoma City and then drive to Jackson on Tuesday.  That meant Camille hugs on Tuesday night.  And Nathan and Julia hugs, too.  It has been a year since we have been with them.  Just as we boarded the plane, we found out Emma was being admitted to the hospital.  I was already in turmoil.  Again, I began to cry.  I did not have to worry about black tears this time.  All mascara was long gone.  Thinking about leaving Nicole and the baby in the hospital.  Thinking about Camille hugs.  What should I do?  Should I not leave?  Should I offer to stay?  I cried all the way to Atlanta.  From lack of sleep and crying, my eyes hurt.  Thankfully, I always carry Visine.

We talked to Nicole in Atlanta.  Emma was slightly better.  The flight from Atlanta to Oklahoma City was tearless, but I was still worried.

How good it was to have Pat and Kim meet us at the airport.  Yesterday, we got up and enjoyed sweet time with our friends.  Talking, praying, sipping on coffee, having a good breakfast.  Then we loaded our car and left for Jackson.  Yay.

We made it all the way to Mount Pleasant, Texas before I went to Wal-Mart.

News from Nicole was all over the place.  Emma is better.  Emma has pneumonia.  Emma is out of the incubator.  Emma is anemic and has to have blood.  And we were on our way to Jackson. 

It was 10:30 when we arrived at Nathan and Julia's new house in Jackson.  Nathan and Julia were waiting on us.  Of course, Camille wasn't.  It was a school night.  But we got to wake her up and give her hugs. 

We are here for a few days.  Time to slow down.  Time to relax.  Time to enjoy our kids.  Then we hit the road with many stops and many miles ahead of us.  Many hugs and shared precious moments with family and friends.

News from Nicole this morning is not good.  Emma has aggressive pneumonia and has been placed in ICU.  I am still not sure what I am going to do.  I way go back to Honduras.  I may stay here.   Baby Emma, Nicole, Matt and Haley all need your prayers.  Marc and I do to.  Either we travel and need prayers for safe travel or we make a decision to go back to Honduras.


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