Tuesday, August 7, 2012

News From The Casa

We got word late this afternoon that Adonis is safe.  He has been at IHNFA since Thursday.  He spent one night out on his own.  He could not handle it and did not like it.  Supposedly, he walked to Sabana Grande, a pretty far walk.  After the one night, he went to a police post and said he was from a children's home and was taken to IHNFA.  I cannot for the life of me figure out my they did not notify us.  Welcome to Honduras. 

Adonis's dad is trying to get custody of him.  Whether or not that will happen, remains to be seen.  Please pray that the best thing for Adonis happens.

Baby Josue had a terrible night last night.  He was moved to an incubator and put under oxygen.  He was given nebulizer treatments every 30 minutes.  He turned blue more than once.  Needless to say, Reina did not sleep much last night. 

This morning Dilcia was staying at the hospital.  She called and said Josue needed some medicine that the hospital pharmacy did not have.  She said he was very delicate and the medicine was needed now.  She waited at the gate for me and I drove down there.  Again she said how desperately the medicine was needed.  I told her I would go to Ojojona first, then Loarque, then wherever was necessary.  I prayed that the pharmacy in Ojojona would have this medicine.  We can never be assured of any pharmacy having the medicines we need.  I was so scared.  I understood how badly the medicine was needed.  I was afraid of something terrible happening before I could get the medicine and return to the hospital. 

Fortunately, the Ojojona pharmacy had the meds.  I was praising God.  The medicine cost almost $20.00, which is very expensive for medicine in Honduras.  As  I rapidly drove back to the hospital,  my eyes were leaking a bit.  I was so thankful I had the medicine in my hand, but could not help but wander how many people in this country would not have been able to afford the medicines to save their baby's life.  More than any of us would care to think about.

Josue did not take a bottle all of yesterday, but gulped a whole down at 2:00 this morning.   The hospital does not allow anyone to have their cell phones with them.  It is hard to get too much news.  We had to take more burp pads and things.  We were even asked to bring a few jars of baby food because they expected him to start eating soon.  We take that as good news.  We continue to pray for a speedy and full recovery.


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Anonymous said...

So very thankful Adonis is safe. We will continue to pray for him and we will be praying for wisdom as decisions are made regarding him.

I am thankful to hear that after some scary hours it seems Josue has turned a corner. We will also continue to pray for his healing. kim