Monday, August 27, 2012

Emma Kate Update

Tonight, the news on Emma Kate is mostly good.  She came out of ICU on Saturday.   We think her blood levels are back to normal.  She is still  having trouble with her oxygen level and having to remain under oxygen.  She has had several tests, checking for all sorts of things.  She smiled for the first time today since she entered the hospital a week ago.  That is a definite improvement.  We need lots of prayers, still.  We want the baby home, but we also want her well.

Nicole is exhausted.  And Haley is protesting about Mom being gone so long.  Haley has declared she will not talk to Mom until she returns home and is moping around every day waiting for Emma and Mommy to return.  The whole family is coveting your prayers

Your prayers and love continue to sustain us.


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