Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Missing And One In The Hospital

Last week was a bit trying and this week is starting out to be that way as well. 

On Wednesday, Karen got a call from the school that Adonis had fled.  He had kicked our little Katy and was afraid he would be in trouble.  Probably so, but he left on foot.  Matt left immediately to look for him where he was last seen.  Matt returned without Adonis.  We have all looked and looked for him  We heard there was a kid from Santa Ana in La Colonia Kennedy and I drove through there on Friday afternoon.

Adonis is nine years old.  His mother never made him mind, never disciplined him, never did anything.  When he got too out of control at the age of 8, she gave him away.  Not very good for anyone's self esteem.  He sure doesn't like the rules and the discipline here.  But he does have a tender little heart and he stole a piece of mine.  Adonis does not have much street smarts.  He is a weakling and he is pretty vulnerable.  He is a master at hiding.  I am worried about him.  This is the fifth night he has been gone.  We don't know where he is, what he is doing, or even if he is ok. 

Friday, I had planned to go to the market, return home, unload the car and go back to town to PriceSmart for groceries.  There was a strike somewhere down the mountain.  Marc and Matt both got caught in the traffic from that.  Marc called and said don't be in any hurry about leaving or you will be sitting in traffic.  I always have another choice of work when something like that happens, so I worked in the office until I heard from Marc again.  When Marc called and said the police broke up the strikers and the traffic was clearing, I left for town.  I went to the market.  It was so hot.  I looked for Adonis in Kennedy.  I came home and unloaded the fruits and vegetables.  It was after 3:00 when we finished unloading and I was dreading another trip to town for a month's worth of groceries.  I knew once I arrived at PriceSmart, it would take at least 3 hours to buy groceries.  Marc, Karen, Nicole, and everyone told me to wait.  There was nothing urgent on the list.  It did not take too much persuasion to convince me not to go.  It was Dr. Pepper and cookie time.  It had already been a stressful day.

Going to PriceSmart on Saturday is never an option for me.  That pushed it until today, not exactly my favorite thing to do on Sunday afternoon.  After church and lunch,  Matt, Haley and I headed to PriceSmart.  With Matt pushing one flat bed and me pushing another, it did not take too long. 

Just as we finished unloading, Karen drove through the gate.  She told me baby Josue was in the hospital in Ojojona.  They told us we was bad.  We think with respiratory problems.  Someone has to be with him all the time.  Karen and I were scrambling to get enough staff here to cover everything. 

I began putting away the groceries in that house.  I dropped a gallon container of mustard.  Thank goodness it was plastic.  I would have hated to have to clean up glass, too.  Cleaning up that much mustard was bad enough.

We have all shifts covered for tomorrow.  And, then, we will see.

Please pray that Adonis is safe.  Please pray for a quick recovery for Baby Josue.  And pray for the employee that has to stay in that hospital with him.  No cell phones, no electronics, no tvs.  Nothing.  I would be stark raving mad.  I cannot sit and do nothing for hours on end.

A missing child and a sick baby are bad.  As we cover these two in prayer, please remember our friends at Breaking Chains ministry, too.  They are dealing with so much more than we are. 

Thanks be to God for hearing our prayers.



Anonymous said...

Terri, We will be praying that Adonis is found safe and that he is back a Casa very soon. We will be praying the doctors know the very best things to do to bring healing to baby Josue. We will be praying for all of you as well.

Kim Beam said...

You all are in our prayers for Adonis safe return and baby Josue to be healthy once again. We can't imagine how you do what you do day to day. May the Lord continue to watch over you all, keeping you safe, healthy, and lifting you up as you spread his word and love others. Love Kim Beam & Family, FHChurch of Christ