Saturday, August 11, 2012

Josue Is Home

Yesterday morning, just as Karen and I were thinking Josue would be in the hospital until at least Monday, and deciding how we would cover everything since one person had to be in the hospital around the clock with Josue, Mirian called and said she needed someone to come get her and Josue.
I went.

This hospital does not allow cell phones.  I know that so I left mine in the car.  I went to the caja to pay our bill.  The bill was not at the caja and I was told that the bill was not there and no one leaves the hospital until the bill is paid.  I knew that.  But, I didn't know what to do.  I went to the car and tried to call Karen.  Then tried to call Mirian.  Karen called back and told me where Mirian was.  I stuck my cell phone in my pocket and went back inside the gate to the hospital.  I told the guard I was going to where Mirian and Josue were.  Since I had never been inside the hospital, I kept having to call Karen and ask her where to go.  I felt like I was in jr. high sneaking my cell phone in and then sneaking around to use it. 

The nurse told me I could not be back there until I had paid and I needed to go to the caja.  I returned to the caja.  The clerk told me I had to go where the patient was and get the papers.  When I get frustrated, I cannot think in spanish.  So, in english I said, " I just came from there and they told me to come here."  Of course, no one understood me, but I think they detected the frustration in my voice.  In a few minutes the papers from the doctor arrived and the clerk told me they were waiting on the bills from the lab and the pharmacy. 

I have my cell phone hidden in my pocket and it begins to ring.  Thank you, Nicole.  Fortunately, it is raining so hard that no one can hear my phone ringing. 

When the bill was paid (all $100.00) of it, I went back to where Mirian was and gave the nurse the proper papers and we left.  It took an hour to get them out of the hospital.  It took another hour to get all the medicines he needs.  We are giving 5 different medicines at 6 different times during the day.  But, praise God, he is home.


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Kim Beam said...

So glad he is home. We will continue to keep him in our prayers including all of you. Keep your chins up ; )