Friday, August 17, 2012


Every year there are so many days the kids do not go to school.  The teachers are always striking.  Last year, there was not a week they went to school every day until May or June.  This year started off with the kids going almost every day.  The later into the year we go, the more days they miss.  They have not been to school on Friday in weeks.  On Monday and Tuesday, the elementary kids went, but Brayan and Pamela were home because the students were striking. 

Marc is already telling us that next year, being an election year, will be even worse.  I guess we will see about that. 

No one really gets hurt but the students. 



Debby Nickens said...

That is amazing that the students can strike! I think the children would learn more if u had a school for them.

Unknown said...

I think it is getting time to look into starting your own school! At least the elementary grades should be workable. You would need at least one bilingual supervisor and a couple of teachers. You really can accomplish more in half a day of school with small classes and good teachers who are faithful.