Saturday, August 4, 2012

From The Farm To The Market

Yesterday I went to the market to buy fruits and vegetables.  I do that every other Friday.  I did not grow up on a farm, but I knew a lot of people that were farmers.  As I go to the market, I always thought the vegetables and fruits got to the market in the same way they did in the States.  After the farmer harvests his crops, he hauls his produce to the market or to the cotton gin or the elevator.

I was shocked to learn in Honduras the farmer does not haul his harvest to the market.  A big truck comes and gets everyone harvest.

A cabbage in the field on a farm high above Tegucigalpa

Each farmer harvests his crops and stacks them out by the road and the truck comes along and gets them all.  The reason is these farmers are really poor.  They own no vehicle.  They feed their families on what they raise and just eke out an existence.  There is no car, no tv, no money for school uniforms.

Every Friday morning, trucks of all sizes come into the market to unload.

After unloading,
the produce is trimmed
and displayed for sale.

Then I and many other customers come buy all this fresh produce.


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Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the lovely produce. Just a quick personal note, my FB account has been cloned, and an imposter account has been friending and messaging my friends. I deleted my profile picture of Mom and me, so you will know which is the right one. If you will check the imposter's profile, it says I was born in 1990! Another dead giveaway! Take care and God bless! Love, Suzan