Monday, April 23, 2012

Registering People

In Honduras, it is very important for everyone to have an identity number.  This number is much like our social security numbers.  We find that people not born in hospitals and/or the extremely poor do not have birth certificates and identity numbers.  It doesn't seem to me that this has ever mattered to anyone.  But the registry department has decided to find as many people as they can that do not have identity numbers.  They want to help these people get registered. 

They decided that the most likely place to find a great number of people without numbers  is in the dump.  Someone from registry called Marc and asked for his help.  Marc is spending a great deal more time in the dump these day.  He is asking everyone if they have an identity number.  For those that don't, he is getting full names and birthdates when known.  Today, he collected about 100 names.  I have a feeling that he did not even scratch the surface.

I hope the registry department follows through and gets all these people registered.  A person cannot do anything here without this number. 


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