Monday, April 16, 2012

Beetles, Beetles, Beetles

For the most part, I think God's design is perfect and that there is a reason for everything He created.  I do wonder what God was thinking when He created scorpions.  They may win a battle or two, but not a single scorpion that has ever done battle with me has lived through the entire war.  And then, there are beetles.  What useful purpose do they serve?

As rainy season approaches each year, we are inundated with beetles.  Usually that is June.  This year, it is now.  If God created these beetles, why did He not give them a smidgen of smarts.  They are so stupid.  They fly around everywhere and dive bomb everything.  They seem to be attracted to light.  Or so some people say.  At night, after all the lights are turned out, I can hear them buzzing around, dive-bombing everything.  Then they fly right into the wall and die.  I hear them buzzing, I hear them hit the wall, and I hear them fall to the floor.  Are they kamikaze pilots whose assigned task is to annoy me?  And, when that is done, they fly into the wall and kill themselves.  Every morning in every room, there are a dozen or more dead beetles.

 Beetles could have easily been one of the plagues of Egypt.  And, this too, shall pass.


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Rancho Oasis 4 Youth said...

At the Ranch, these beetles are wonderful chicken feed!