Friday, April 6, 2012

A Day In The Dump

Normally, Wednesday is the day Marc feeds people at the dump.  People were fed Wednesday and Marc was in the dump, but David's group from West Virginia along with Matt and others took the food and fed people.  Marc did something else that day.  He left here around 6:00 a.m.  He walked into the dump and he worked all day.  He sorted through the garbage.  He helped some of the people he knew fill their bags. 

He learned some people want clear plastic.  Some want green plastic.  Some look for cardboard.  Some want everything.  Some work solo.  Some work as teams.  Some of the trash trucks are open and people jump on the trucks and start sorting before the truck is in the dump and ready to be emptied.  Some of the trucks are closed.  Little kids climb up on those trucks and ride the garbage down when it is dumped.  Somehow they are able to start picking out what they want as they ride down.  It is a miracle more people aren't killed by the trash trucks.

Marc said he was going to work until the last truck came in.  Work just like the people that really work in the dump do.  Wednesday was the last before the holidays began.  The city offices and many other places closed early and the last truck rolled into the dump much earlier than usual.  Therefore, Marc did not work quite as long as planned.

Marc said it was hard work.  Really hard work.  And, it was dirty work.  Really dirty work.  I think leaving the clothes in which he worked in the dump would have been ok.  But others that work in the dump wanted to wash Marc's clothes for him.   He did take a change of clothes.  And he washed his face, head, arms, and hands before he came home.  Then he took a shower. 

But how many people that work in the dump don't have a change of clothes after working all day?  How many can't go take a shower.  Or have a nice bed to get into?  How many never feel clean or have clean clothes? 


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