Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chicken Delivery

A couple of years ago, we bought chickens.  The chickens laid eggs everyday.  When the chickens quit laying eggs, we had chicken soup and ordered more chickens.  We ordered chickens a couple of months ago.  Yesterday, Marc told me the chickens would be delivered at 9:00 this morning.

This morning at 1:00, Marc's phone rang.  That scared both of us to death.  Marc said the chickens were in Santa Ana.  I wasn't sure I heard him correctly and thought I might possibly be dreaming.  Marc did not get up, therefore, I convinced myself I was dreaming.  About 15 minutes later, Marc did get up and I heard him put on his jeans.  What seemed like 5 minutes later, Marc was back in bed, and I further convinced myself I was having a really weird dream. 

At 6:00, when we both were out of bed and coherent, I asked Marc if someone called at 1:00 and said the chickens were in Santa Ana.  Marc said yes.  He paused and then added, "I unloaded the new chickens at 1:30 this morning."  Welcome to Honduras. 

And, he did not remember to get my receipt. 


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Anonymous said...

How funny we got a call at 6:30 on Thursday morning our chickens were at the post office in Fritch. Guess they do not like to hear the peeping from the baby chicks. we got 25 about 2 day old chickes will be in the egg business again in about 6 months. Love those fresh home grown eggs but 25 for 2 people. I know some kids and grandkids that will enjoy the left over eggs from this casa. linda