Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Keeping The Bathrooms Clean

A group called Engineers Without Borders started a project in the dump.  They built bathrooms and showers to be used by the people that work in the dump.  I can only imagine how good a shower would feel after working in the dump all day.  This group ran out of money before the project was finished.  Marc was able to use some of the dump fund money to complete the project.

A few weeks ago, when Marc was in the dump, he noticed the bathrooms were locked.  He went to the city and asked why the bathrooms were locked.  He was told that people were tearing up the bathrooms and writing all over the inside and outside.  No one wants to see things destroyed, but it kind of defeats the purpose of the bathrooms if they all locked all the time.  After some discussion with the city, it was agreed two people would be hired to clean the bathrooms and be there during the day to keep people from destroying the building.

So, this past Monday, two people, who had previously worked in the dump, were taken out of the dump and hired to clean the bathrooms.  I am so glad for these two individuals that have real paying jobs.  But, it is sad when cleaning bathrooms is a step up.


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