Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Picnic At Nicole's

This is Holy Week.  The children have been out of school all week.  Most had tons of homework.  Karen, Nicole, Dilma and Kathy worked diligently with the kids to get all that homework done.  There has been extra playtime.  Most everyone in the country has left for the beach.  The kids know that.  They also know they are staying home while most are on vacation.  This morning, Nicole and I thought about another long, hot morning.  We made a quick decision to change the routine.  We asked Elvia if she could make some sandwiches.  She said she would.  She made some juice and even popped some popcorn.  I bought some cookies and chips and we had a pretty good picnic put together.  After everything was put together, we told the kids.  There were many excited screams.  We got in the van and headed for Matt and Nicole's house.

It is amazing how much fun can be had in a different yard on different swings, eating at a different table.  I love to watch these children have fun.  And for selfish reasons, when I am on nap duty, I like to see them running and playing before lunch.

Tibby had fun, too.
Katy, always the daredevil

The kids did have a good time.  And probably ate too much.  I love being on this property.  It represents  the realization of a lot of hopes and dreams  The kids just loved being in a different place. 

Any and Yair fell asleep in the van on the short 10 minute trip home.  Most of the kids went in and did chores without problems.  Most of the little kids that had to take naps were asleep shortly after 1:30.  Nohemy hung on til after 2:00.  Some of the older kids that are not required to take naps, came in and crawled in bed and took a nap. 

Another great day in Honduras.


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Anonymous said...

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