Friday, April 20, 2012

The Mechanic

I often share my experiences of living in a third world country.  Like the bank not having money and everything having to be paid in cash.  Some things are comical and others, not so funny.  We are spoiled Americans and living in Honduras is sometimes challenging and difficult and different.  One thing that is very different is the mechanic.

There is a mechanic in Santa Ana, a good mechanic, I might add.  When one of the cars break, we call him and he comes here.  Yes, he makes house calls.  Yesterday, he came here and took the brakes off the trooper.  He showed us all the broken and worn out parts.  Normally, someone takes those parts and goes to Tegucigalpa and finds the needed parts.  Yesterday, there was no one that could do that.  We asked the mechanic if we gave him gas money would he go buy the parts.  He said yes.  We gave him money for parts and gasoline.

He returned this morning with parts, receipts, and change.  He said he had trouble finding one of the parts and had to go several places.  He put new brakes on the car, took it for a test drive, and said all was well when he returned.   He then needed $30.00 for labor.  He didn't even charge us for his time while he was in town looking for parts.

I do like this little benefit of living in Honduras.


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