Saturday, December 20, 2014

Traveling Day(s)

It has been a long busy week.  I did not get much paper work done and I did not start packing until very late last night.  I am on my way to New Hampshire for Christmas.  Back in April, I asked Nathan and Julia if I could spend Christmas with them. They said yes, but they had no idea where they might be living. 

I have spent very few Christmases with Camille.  And, now there is another baby.  Thatcher was born Thursday.  I cannot wait to meet him.  I am sure I will fall in love with him at first sight.  I think Camille and I can work a few puzzles.  And, make our guacamole.  At least once. 

Christmas in New Hampshire.  It is going to be so much fun.  I have lived in Central America for seven years.  I am sure I do not own anything that can keep me warm in New Hampshire in December.  We may have to stay inside and love on the baby and work puzzles.

We all left my house at 10:30 this morning.  I was on the 4:00 Delta flight.  Matt and Nicole were on an earlier flight.  I was okay until they left.  Then the tears began.  Again.  Tears of happiness, tears of tiredness, tears of sadness.  I have cried a lot today.  I said good-bye to Karen last night.  I could easily start crying again just thinking about that. 

I have never traveled this close to Christmas.  I have never left Tegucigalpa so late in the afternoon or arrived in Atlanta so late.  I am really glad my connecting flight is in the morning and not tonight.  I might not have made it.  I stayed in the international terminal to eat because I thought there would be a better chance of more things being open.  That was a good plan.  Several things were closed and closing in that terminal.  They definitely were closed in other terminals.  Even though, I have plenty to read, I was sure hoping for a good browse in a bookstore.  That was not to be.  But, at least I got to eat. 

I am in the Atlanta airport tonight.  My flight to La Guardia leaves in six hours.  And, then on to Manchester.  And, then the hugging will begin.

None of my checked luggage arrived in Atlanta with me.  There were two Delta flights today.  There is a chance that my luggage will arrive in Manchester with me tomorrow.  If not, at least I have a toothbrush,
 hairbrush and makeup with me.

Hope I get some sleep tonight.  This Grammy has a busy day of seeing kids and grandkids tomorrow.

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