Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jesus Banquet 2.0

This year we decided to do something different with the Jesus Banquet.  We had a carnival.  There were eight games.  Tickets were given and with the tickets prizes could be purchased.  The prizes included toys, shoes underwear, socks, blankets, towels and other household items.

The carnival was to start at 10:00.  This is the crowd that awaited us when we arrived shortly after 9.00.  I do believe they were eager for this event to start.

The games were set up easily and quickly.  The prize tables took a bit longer to set up.

Moms and children enjoyed the games.

This was the first, last and only time the prize tables were neatly organized.

People carefully selected their prizes.  At least in the beginning.   Then chaos ensued.

And more chaos when the pizza arrived.

I thought I would be able to take more pictures than I did, but we were quite busy.  I watched many children pass the toys and go for the underwear and socks.  The adults were going for the blankets.  Nice thick warm blankets.  I was working the blanket table when a dirty little boy about 8 years old walked up.  He had blond streak in his hair, indicating malnutrition.  He wanted to get a blanket.  The blankets cost 15 tickets.  He walked by all other tables to get a blanket.  Eight years old.  My heart cried.

When there was only two blankets left and several people waiting in line to get one, I thought there was going to be a fight.  Fortunately, it was just a minor scuffle.

After the blankets were gone and then the towels, people were afraid they were not going to get anything and stormed in.  There was not enough of us to control this crowd.  My first thought was were is Little Emma.  She could have been trampled to death.  When I saw her safely in someone else's arms, I went about the business of trying to form lines  We were somewhat successful in making the people get in lines because we refused to let them use their tickets if lines were not formed.

The whole event lasted about an hour and a half, though at times it seemed liked all day.  About 500 people were served and again at times, it seemed liked 10 million.

Next year we need more people.  And more prizes.

Matt and Nicole did  an outstanding job of organizing this event.  Our workers were few, but blessings were many.

This little cutie is one of 500 reasons for the Jesus Banquet 2.0

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