Tuesday, December 16, 2014


When Brayan and Pamela finished sixth grade, they were taken to Chili's to celebrate.  Since then, that has become a tradition.  The first year there was two kids that graduated sixth grade, the second and third years, there was one.  This year there was six. 

After the carnival and the fried chicken feed, the remainder of the Jesus Banquet group took these six to Chili's.  It was quite an event. 

Oops.  I almost forgot Karol and Kelin. 

We all rode in the van and it was a fun trip to town.  I loved hearing the kids laugh and talk.  We got to Chili's before the crowd, thankfully.

There were a lot of smiles.

The burgers were so big.  The kids did not know how to eat them.

We ordered two moltens for six kids.  That was plenty.

So much fun.

The kids were happy on the way to town, but on the way home, they were ridiculously silly.  Cindy kept getting more and more wound up.  There is no telling when she settled down and went to sleep. 

Our kids' grades have never been great.  Passing, but not great.  Most of them can do better.  Back in February, I challenged them.  Anyone that could 85% all year would be treated to pizza by me.  At first, I thought it was just going to be Josue going for pizza.  I thought he might not have too much fun with just me, so I invited Matt, Nicole and the girls.  Then I found out Rosy's grades were better than Josue's.   Yay Rosy!  She got to participate in all the celebrations.

I ordered 2 great big pepperoni cheesy-bite pizzas.  And, there was not much left.  I ordered one super sundae for the kids, Haley and Emma Kate as well.

I think Josue needed a spoon for each hand to eat that ice cream.
I hope that next year I have a great big group going with me to celebrate good grades.

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