Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fried Chicken At The Feeding Center

Five days a week approximately 200 hundred children are fed at the feeding center in Buen Samaritano,  Two days they receive beans and rice, one day soup, one day spaghetti, and one day arroz con pollo (chicken and rice).  There is no meat in the spaghetti and very little chicken in the arroz con pollo.  Along with this, they receive 2 corn tortillas and a glass of water.  Most of these children receive no other meal during the day.  Just think, if this is what you ate every week, how good some fried chicken would taste.

The day after the carnival this is what the children were served.  We bought 500 pieces of fried chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The two cooks that prepare the meals every day made mashed potatoes.  They still got two tortillas and instead of water, each child received a glass of coke.  For these children, this was a feast.

Thankfully, things were much calmer and more organized than the day before at the carnival.  There were many smiles, from both the children and the servers.



You know how good this looks.  Can you imagine how good it tasted when you are used to beans and rice or not eating at all?

Getting ready to eat.

Other happy faces.

A big thank you to those who came and made this day special for these children and a big thank you to all those you donated to this meal.  It was a special day for everyone.

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