Thursday, July 3, 2014

Group Update

I am not doing so great updating on this blog.  Some nights it is all I can do to get home, much less write a blog. 

Last week we had the Overland Park/Skillman groups. This was a great group with a total of 29, our biggest group so far. I was glad to see Josh West back and to meet Allen French, but was so sad that Jerry and Dale had to drop out at the last minute.  Jerry Taylor,  I hope you are feeling much better.

This group stayed busy by building five houses and having two clinics as well as feeding at the dump and the feeding center.  They carried on with the second clinic even when Anne had to leave early.  The nurses had collected some supplies and made a nice donation to the NICU at Hospital Escuela.  One of the houses they built was for Adonis (formerly of Casa de Esperanza) and his mother.  That had a special place in my heart.

I made new friends and had a great time.

The day the group left, Matt, Nicole, the girls and the interns left for the beach as we had no group this week.  I went to the airport and told the group bye and met Lisa Bloecher for lunch.  There is nothing quite like having Lisa pray for you.

I rested on Tuesday and attempted to get caught up on some paper work the rest of the week.  I love groups being here.  I will not lie.  I was ready for a little break.  Now that I have had that little break, I am ready for Childress, Indiana, and Murray followed by Starkville, Madison, San Antonio/Houston and Antioch.  More houses, more food, more evangelism, more fellowship.

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