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June Newsletter

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Amigos de Casa,

Groups are coming and going weekly. Most of the kids love the groups. Our first outing was with Mike and Katy's group. They treated us to pizza. It was Fernando's birthday and he was treated to the dessert of his choice.

He was quite proud of himself for eating the whole thing. I was happy no one puked in the van either way.

Other groups have been hard at work on the property at Casa. From a picture, Timoteo and Luis drew the plans for an awesome playground. And, an awesome playground it is, indeed.

All of the kids are enjoying the new playground.

Other groups are hard at work on a new wall. Both TORCH and Honduras Hope groups are working on this wall. The old rock wall has to be torn down and the rocks hauled to another part of the property. Trees have to be cut down and stumps removed. This is often the most challenging part. Footers have to be dug, concrete mixed and block laid. This is a slow and laborious process. We can see progress each week.

 From both side of the gate, progress is being made. This project may have to continue through next summer.

In addition to the groups working on the property, some individual have been here to work with the children. Donna Griffith returned to teach some more sewing. All of the girls got to make headbands or bows for themselves. The older girls got to start using machines. They learned to make a pattern out of newspaper, use the machine, and sew a simple garment for themselves.

Katy and Lupe making headbands. 
 Reina wearing the finished product.
 Rosy pinning her pattern

  Ana cutting, sewing, and holding a finished garment.

A great big thanks to Donna and to Mi Esperanza for allowing us to use their sewing center.

Another area in which the kids learned something was gardening. Phoebe Cunningham and Cinthia Andrade taught the kids how to plant a garden.

Dorian fenced the garden and squash is already growing.

It is a pleasure for us to be here watching how God is growing this little garden of 23 children. He is doing amazing things in their lives.

If you are here building playgrounds and wall, teaching gardening and sewing, loaning a sewing center, or if you are praying for our kids, sponsoring them financially, or encouraging us and/or the children, we give you a great big thank you. We could not do what we do without you.

Please remember to pray for our children and for us.

If you have any questions concerning Casa de Esperanza, please email me at


Terri Tindall

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