Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nicole, The Translator

We are having a great summer.  Different, but great.

All of us have had to step into roles to which we were not previously accustomed.  And, in most instances, that has gone well. 

Nicole speaks Spanish very well.  One role she has had to fulfill several times is that of translator.  Sometimes this is planned and sometimes she is the only one available and has to translate at the last minute.  Whether planned or not, Nicole has done a great job translating.

She has translated in clinics.  She had the opportunity to translate for our good friend, Billy Ferguson, at Lomas Diamonte.  One of our interns, Danny Jones, led the youth group in Santa Ana and Nicole got to translate for that.  She got to translate for Trey as he led a class on marriage in Ojojona. 

The summer is not over yet.  Who knows where else, and for whom, she might get the opportunity to translate.

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