Thursday, July 17, 2014

Brayan Is Home

Brayan came home yesterday.  Praise God.  Thousands of prayers have been answered.

Friday evening when I saw him and heard the sounds he was making and saw him fighting for every breath, I was not sure I would ever see him smile again.  He knows us, talks to us, know he has a project due.  He not only is alive, there has been complete healing.  I cannot thank my God enough for this.

He was in pain last night and did not sleep well.  He was up and about more today.  

Friday he placed on oxygen and transported by ambulance to a Tegucigalpa hospital.  He was in the emergency room with three or four people at a time working on him.  He was in ·ER for almost five hours.  There were chest ex-rays, blood work, catheters, etc., etc., etc.    There were all kinds of meds and more chest x-rays and more oxygen.  There was a room from Friday night until Wednesday afternoon.  In the United States, this bill would have been astronomical.  In Honduras, it was well over $3000.00.  That does not sound so terrible.  But, we are a children's home without much reserve.  No one has ever missed a meal or not had school supplies.  Utility bills are always paid, but we operate from month to month.  And on a lot of faith.  

A $3000.00 medical bill is not ever in our budget.  And, trust me, we would have paid twice that to have Brayan home and healthy.  Just as God answered our prayers for healing, He will also answer our prayers to pay for it.  If you would like to help with Brayan's medical bills, no matter how large or how small, please send a check to Casa de Esperanza  P.O. Box 9222   Columbus, MS 39705.

I am already praising God for taking care of this.

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