Monday, July 21, 2014

Haley's Big Day

Yesterday was Haley's birthday.  Five years old.  Seems like it was just last week that I was in Baton Rouge helping take care of her and her mommy. 

We had a full day of birthday partying.  Nicole told me to come to her house at 8:30 so that Haley could open presents before church.  At ten minutes before eight, my phone rang and Haley says,"Grammy, where are you?   I am ready to open presents."  I said , "Mommy told me 8:30."   I could Nicole in the background saying I did say 8:30.

Grammy arrived promptly at 8:30 and the birthday girl was ready to go.

 New gardening tools

 All my granddaughters like all things sparkly.

Emma's birthday was last week.  I decided to give my presents to both Emma and Haley on Haley's birthday.  I bought them carry-ons, or bags to bring to Grammy's house when they spend the night.  I was sure Haley would love hers.

I was surprised how much Emma loved hers.  She grabbed it and said, "bye-bye" and she was off.

Nicole told Emma she could not take it to church.  And Haley replied with, "why can't we take them to church?"  Nicole won that one.

Haley had to try on the new soccer shoes, soccer socks and shinguards.

Ready for the first soccer game, I mean church.  Haley won that one.

After church we went to Casa y Campo for a delicious lunch.

Nicole took Emmy home and put her down for a nap and then she came to Casa and started decorating for the party.  Haley wanted a Miñon party and thanks to many of our friends in the states, she had a huge Miñon party.  People brought Miñon plates, cups, table cloths, banners, games, everything.  Haley thought it was just perfect.

Then the party began.

There were miñons everywhere.

 A game, Tape the pocket on the miñion.

And then, the piñata.  Everyone got a turn at the piñata,

even the little ones.

The big kids swung hard.

 Mr. Miñion was pretty beat up and still would not turn loose of that candy.

Brayan went for the bottom of the piñata. 

Nicole put 13 pounds of candy in the piñata.  When it broke, candy went every where.  And, so did the kids.

Candles, cake and coke.  A great way to finish a special girl's birthday.

Emma had so much candy, I was sure she would never go to sleep, but tired won over candy.  Haley had a great day and was exhausted.

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