Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Trip To The Farm

Lanetta and I went to the farm today.  The farm is a couple of hours away, but as many snacks as we took, you would have thought it was a several day trip.  We had fun as we rode.  Guess who snapped pictures all the way?  If you guessed me, you are wrong.  I was driving and Lanetta took more pictures than I ever dreamed of taking.

Denis knew we were coming and he was waiting at the highway for us.  It is a long, long walk from the farm to the highway.  We drove up the mountain.  We parked at the back of the property and started our tour from the back. 

There has been a lot of overgrowth and weeds and brush on the farm.  Denis began showing us some of the areas he had cleared and some that he would clear.  He has cleared a lot of land and planted beans.  We walked through one of the bean fields.  He told us not to step on any beans.  That was harder than you might think.  The beans were not planted in rows but quite sporadically across the field.

 A bean sprout

 Here I am learning all about beans.

Several areas have also been cleared and corn planted.

Not an Illinois corn field, but a cornfield.
Workers in one of the cornfields

Denis had his machete and as we walked, he whacked at weeds.  No use wasting time.

Of course we saw the bananas and coffee.

Not only did I learn a lot about beans, I learned a lot about coffee.  Before coffee can be planted in ground, it has to be started in these little bags.  He had these little bags everywhere.  I have no idea how many new coffee plants will be planted.

We saw where the coffee beans are washed.  I did not understand the whole process, but it was interesting.

Some land had been terraced and was being prepared to plant cabbage, lettuce, green peppers, carrots and broccoli.

There are hundreds of fruit trees on the farm.  Though not ripe and ready for the harvest, many were loaded with fruit.

Denis found and killed this little guy.  Even though it was dead and the skin had been cured, I did not like it and did not want to be in the same room with it.

It was a very interesting day at the farm and I am pleased with the progress I saw.

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