Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Wall And A Playground

The groups have been hard at work this week.

Mark Connell sent part of his group out several days to work on the first section of the wall.  Our groups from Abilene and Oklahoma City have also worked on the wall.  This is turning out to be much longer project than anticipated.  Everyone will get to work on the new wall this summer.  And, maybe next summer, too.

This metal sheeting has to be put up first so that no one can enter the property.  The old rock wall has to be torn down, footers dug and filled and then the new wall built.

The new wall is much taller and much stronger.  It should keep all the dogs out.  And, the kids in.

Once in a while there is a giant-sized problem that has to be dealt with.  At least, that one has been successfully dealt with.  I hope there are not too many more that size.

Others have been busy building a new playground for Casa.

This is going to be such a great playground.  Timoteo and Luis drew the plans from a picture.  Luis is so excited about this project and it has been fun to watch him work on it.

A very small group worked on the ceiling in the church in Ojojona yesterday.  They did not want to quit until the job was done.  They were still at the church building when I left the mission house last night at 9:30.

Today,  two houses in Buen Samaritano are being built.  The teams are off to a great start.

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