Thursday, June 5, 2014

Group Time

Since Karla died, my world has been turned upside down.  It has been turned upside down so many times, that I should be standing right side up.  I am not sure if I am or not.  Through these trials and tribulations, I have not been diligent with my blog.  I love share what is going on in Honduras.  I have not taken the time to do so for the last 4 months.  It is group season and a lot of exciting things will be happening with the groups and at Casa de Esperanza.  I am making a promise to try to do better with this blog.

Our first group arrives tomorrow.  But, some of Mark Connell's group has been everyday since Saturday.  My friends from Fairview Heights arrived Saturday and their first stop was here.  I was so excited to see them.  They returned on Sunday for church, lunch, shopping and disinfecting all the toys after so much sickness.

The major summer project at Casa is to rebuild a new rock wall around the perimeter of the property.  Monday a crew showed up and began that project while Jana and Connie helped me by pricing new store inventory.  As footers were dug on Tuesday, Connie and Lisa continued the pricing.  As footers were redug (welcome to Honduras) on Wednesday, Connie and Lisa cleaned the store and readied it to open Friday night.

A crew is working on the wall today and Matt and Nicole have the interns cleaning our mission house so everything will be sparkling clean for our groups tomorrow.  We have 14 groups coming this summer.  There will be exciting things happening.  Please check the blog often for updates.


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