Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Church

Eleven years ago, when I made my first trip to Honduras, we built a church building in the community of Los Pinos.  That church has grown and ministered to the community around it.  Now they have expanded their borders of  ministry.

We have built many house in a community called Lomas Diamante.  Many years ago, the people of the community started to build a community center.  It was a large building.  They never had the money to finish it.  In February, the Unashamed Missions group went up there ( and I do mean up.  It is so far up the mountain that it is just a few steps from heaven) and but a roof on this huge building.

The church at Los Pinos is now starting a new church in that building.  To drive from Los Pinos to Lomas Diamante is quite a ways even though you can see Los Pinos from Lomas Diamante.  But over the mountains and by foot, it is only eight kilometers.  Some of the men from Los Pinos walk that 8 kilometers after their Sunday morning service so that they can be in Lomas Diamante by 3:00 for church there.  Then after that afternoon service, they walk back to Los Pinos.  That is dedication.

Timoteo asked if Billy Ferguson could come up there this afternoon.  Billy said he would and Nicole took my car and drove him up there.  Billy preached.  Nicole translated.  Maybe Emmy helped translate, too.

This is so exciting and I just love these pictures.

There were two baptisms there this afternoon.  Isn't God good?

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